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I just thought I’d let you all know I’ve decided to move to a new blog account. I felt like starting a fresh with blogging after a long break, so my new blog is romasrags at blogger.com. If any of you are still following me here, feel free to follow me there and say hi, hope to see some of you there!

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Favourite Places to Eat in Manchester

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite places to go and eat in Manchester. I live in Manchester and am constantly eating and so I thought could share with you the places I love to go.

There’s no number order in this I could never pick an ultimate favourite.


  1. Sugo, Altrincham

Sugo is a restaurant that only serves my favourite food: PASTA (aside from some starters and desserts). The fact that they serve only pasta is amazing but the fact that the pasta is the most authentic Southern Italian pasta I’ve ever had in England is even more amazing. They serve their pasta al dente too, the way I love it. They change their menu every so often and only serve about 5 or 6 dishes at a time. The flavours are so powerful and honestly my mouth waters every time I look at pictures of their dishes or even think about it. Plus, they serve my favourite place’s ice cream (but more on that later).


IMG_45392. Urban Burger Bar, Altrincham

Gourmet burgers are incredibly trendy, but of all the places I’ve tried in Manchester this place is my favourite. They serve a variety of other dishes too such as hot dogs which I’ve yet to try because I always come back to the burgers. The burgers are huge and a bit difficult to try and fit them in your mouth, but it’s worth it. My favourite burger is the cheeky swine burger which is a beef burger with pulled pork. They also have an amazing selection of chips my two favourites are sweet potato (my obsession at the moment) and the parmesan and truffle.


3. Altrincham Market, Altrincham

I love to go to Altrincham Market for their desserts. They have amazing ice cream and cake places. Altrincham Market has their main market house where there’s seating inside and the places inside don’t change. But, the outside bit’s stalls often vary and these are my favourite places. The inside has an amazing chocolate stall which serves chocolate milk that my mum says tastes like proper old chocolate milk. They also have a cake shop that serves a cookie which is like almost leftovers encompassing coffee, cereal and other things. The ice cream places in the outside bit are my favourite. They used to serve the ice cream from my favourite ice cream place (I promise it’s coming dun dun!) but the last time I went there was a new ice cream place, I had Daim with pretzels. Anytime I can have pretzels with something sweet it’s a win.


4. Moose Coffee, City Centre

I was introduced to Moose Coffee by a friend and now I take every friend there if they’ve never been before, all my friends then take their friends and now pretty much everybody I know has been. It’s an American & Canadian breakfast place but they also serve burgers and hot dogs amongst other things. I always mean to try other things but every time I go I stick to my same waffles or pancakes. The pancakes however are HUGE, even if I’m starving and have not eaten all day I still can’t manage them. Due to this and because I prefer them I always get the waffles. I either get them with ice cream, cream or nutella. I also get a milkshake when I’m feeling extra unhealthy, my favourite is the Oreo or Daim one.


5. Slice Pizza & Bread Bar, Northern Quarter


This place sells pizza with a variety of amazing toppings that vary each time I go. It also sells pizza by the slice so it’s the perfect snack if you’re not too hungry but the slices are still filling. They also sell the most mouth watering desserts, even when I tell myself that I’m being good I can’t help but cave and buy one. They have salted caramel millionaire shortbreads and calzones with Nutella and a variety of fruits, if that doesn’t sell you I don’t know what will. The place is like a little Italian cafe and all the chairs outside on the street face outwards like they do in other countries.


6. San Carlo Cicchetti, Deansgate

My pictures are always awful of Cicchetti because the lighting is so random, so I apologise if the picture really doesn’t sell you. But honestly, please ignore it because the food is DELICIOUS. It’s like a tapas style so you can order lots of different dishes which is really good so you can order lots of different things. Also, the desserts are amazing (as I’ve said about every place I’ve spoken about but I just really really love desserts). They have a dessert that’s basically an ice cream sundae with Ferrero Rocher and Nutella and is meant for 2 people but I managed to eat the whole thing by myself. They also have like a cheese board but for desserts where you get like a little mini bit of lots of different desserts.


7. MilkJam, Deansgate

MilkJam is a place that only sells desserts I KNOW, it’s made for me. It’s made up of Ginger’s, Lushbrownies and Bakeorama who are different dessert creators. Ginger’s makes ice cream, Lushbrownies makes brownies and Bakeorama makes extravagant cakes. They’ve all joined together to make a pop up that’s only around for a few months unfortunately. They serve all the different dessert creators’ products and combine them all. The first time I went was on my birthday and I had two cookies with popcorn in it with malted vanilla ice cream in between, red velvet crumbled on top and salted caramel sauce on top. The place itself is adorable there’s a table surrounded by golden streamers and balloons and they also have hairdresser hair washing seats.


8. Ginger’s Comfort Emporium, Afflecks Palace, Northern Quarter

This is the favourite ice cream place I’ve been raving out throughout this entire blog post and it also is part of the MilkJam trio. It serves ice cream in a variety of different ways such as in french toast or as pictured in a hot chocolate float. They serve a variety of flavours such as the usual vanilla and chocolate but also some different flavours. My favourite flavour they do is golden syrup.


9. Piccolino, City Centre

There’s a few Piccolinos in Manchester but none of them are no where near as good as the one in the city centre. It recently had a complete revamp with the adding of counters showcasing all the different foods such as the desserts or the meats. However, I’ve been going since I was very little and the place is still my favourite. When I was younger I always had the bolognese and they definitely make the best one I’ve ever had in England. Now, I still stick to my pasta (with the occasional venture of something new) but all the pasta dishes are wonderful.

If any of you check out any of the places I’ve mentioned let me know or if any of you have any great places to check out let me know.

Thanks for reading,

Roma x



London 31/7/16-2/8/16

Hi everyone,

I went to London with my mum for a few days to see a play which is part of my Theatre Studies A Level.

When we arrived we got the bus to Notting Hill, an area I had never been to in London. We walked to Portobello Road and on the way stopped off in a pub for lunch. We had oysters, calamari and sourdough toast with crab on top, it was delicious. The pub was really pretty, the whole of the ceiling was covered in plants.


I wore my off the shoulder striped tee from Primark, which is so simple but I adore. I paired it with my spotted neck scarf from Beyond Retro, which has been surgically attached to my neck this summer because I wear it every time I go out. I just find it brings a completely different look to an outfit rather than just wearing a necklace. I also wore my midi length pink skirt which I got for about £3 in Thrift Shop in Manchester. I think it brings a quirky form of elegance to an outfit. I also wore my Kurt Geiger black brogues because they’re really comfy and whenever we go to London we just walk and walk and walk.

After a quite bit of damage to mine and my mum’s bank account, we went to Shoreditch to try out a restaurant called Ceviche that my mum really wanted to try. The food was very light, but it was a bit spicy for me, despite that some of the dishes were so delicious I just powered through the spice.

IMG_6590-1Then we walked down Shoreditch High Street and stopped off at a place called Pump. There was this stall called Nosteagia which sold something called a bubble waffle which I obviously HAD to try. I got the Oreo flavour, which was a bubble waffle with cream, chocolate sauce and Oreos. The waffle was so nice, it was a much lighter alternative to the normally dense waffle and therefore didn’t make you feel bloated and lethargic after eating.

Then we stopped off to pick up a burrito and went back to our friend’s house that we were staying at to watch some Dragon’s Den.

The next day we went to two of my favourite places in London, the first was for a sort of brunch at my favourite restaurant in London: Ippudo. Ippudo is a Japanese ramen restaurant that is delicious if you are ever in London you should definitely go. The one we go to is in Soho but there’s also one in Canary Wharf, there is also one in New York.

Afterwards, we walked to Covent Garden as we hadn’t been to that area in years. On the way we stumbled upon my favourite ice cream place in London: Udderlicious. I only thought there was one in Islington, but it turns out they’ve built a new one. I was planning on traipsing back to Islington after the theatre but luckily my feet were saved. I had my favourite flavour chocolate sea salt and with one I hadn’t had before mint chocolate. Another place, I definitely definitely recommend.

We then went to Kensington and walked to Wholefoods and bought some not so healthy cakes from there to take to the theatre, I got a salted caramel chocolate tart. We then had dinner in the canteen on the top floor of Wholefoods. I had a chose the Mexican section having what was basically a giant nacho (I can’t remember what it was called) but I had it with beef, beans, salad, guacamole and sour cream.

Then we got the tube to the National Theatre to see the Seagull, as I’m studying it as part of my A Level Theatre Studies. On the way to the theatre my mum gasped and was like “oh my god I need a picture”. It was none other than Lady C from I’m A Celebrity. We stopped and had a little chat about what everyone was like in the jungle (I can’t remember what she said at all oops). She asked us if we wanted to take a selfie and would you look down below…


We went to see the play and honestly it was mind blowing. The National Theatre productions are phenomenal, compared to my city’s theatre which is still excellent, this was just out of this world. They successfully built the tension this play needed and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for more to happen but then the play ended and I was just like WHY.


The next day we went for breakfast at Dishoom before getting the train back home. The Dishoom breakfast was delicious and they got it spot on. I’m half indian and my mum’s toast that came with her breakfast tasted exactly like the toast my grandma makes me. I had a naan with fried egg in it and the tomato sauce that came with it tasted just like the ones I had in India. I also ordered my favourite drink and it was a breakfast lassi with cumin in it. It was a great end to the trip.

Thanks for reading,

Roma x

Four Outfits in Portugal

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share with you four outfits I wore on my recent holiday to Portugal. There are two evening outfits and two daytime outfits. The majority of clothes are very light because it was so so so HOT and everyone wished they weren’t wearing anything to be honest.



On the first evening we went to a restaurant called Brisa do Rio. I wore a gingham patterned black and white dress from H&M. It was incredibly light, so thankfully felt like I wasn’t really wearing anything. I paired it with my hoop earrings, which I wear to often and I try to jazz it up a little, but I gave in this time. I also paired it with a necklace from my great aunty which has a scull on it, it reminds me of Alexander McQueen and it was a perfect length for the cut of this dress. I also am wearing my trusty Tesco sandals which I wore to death for I think all but one outfit that you’ll see. They cost me barely anything and have lasted me for years, but unfortunately they got a bit battered on the dusty streets this holiday.


IMG_1259.PNGThe next day we walked around the town in the morning. I wore one of my favourite outfits that I own, my Hollister floral two piece. This outfit is the cutest thing, it’s especially great because I can wear the things separately. I also bought it whilst I was in New York so it brings me happy memories. I paired it with a straw hat from Zara Home, I think they go especially well together, it fitted perfectly with the aesthetic of our day’s activities of wandering through gardens. I also paired it with my sunglasses of the holiday which I bought from a corner shop in New York (it was a very reminiscent outfit) and my best friends: my Tesco sandals.


For my beach days, I pretty much wore this outfit with a top change or two. I wore this top which is almost crocheted but I don’t know if you would describe it that way. This top is perfect for holidays as you can show off your bikini top underneath, it’s from TK Maxx. My beach shorts are also from TK Maxx and they’re very brightly coloured so they’re perfect for pairing with the white of the top. The shorts are also soft so they’re perfect for wearing in the heat because they’re loose, tight shorts in the heat drive me mad. I paired it with my sunglasses but not my Tesco sandals, shock horror. Flip flops are just easier for the beach because they’re easy to take on and off, mine are from Primark.


For our final evening out we went to a restaurant and an outdoor cinema, after being bit too much by mosquitos I decided it was best to wear trousers for this night. I bought the top whilst there in a little boutique in the town. The sleeves are adorable as they have little bows that sit on your shoulder plus I’m also obsessed with stripes. I wore my loose flowing trousers which have elephants on them which I bought from TJ Maxx whilst in New York. The trousers are very light but I was still too hot in them, it shows just how hot it was, fortunately didn’t get bites all over my legs. Finally, my Tesco sandals had to come out for the last night even though you can barely see them underneath the long trousers.

Thanks for reading,

Roma x

My 17th Birthday

Hi everyone,

It was my 17th birthday at the end of July and seen as this is almost like a diary for me, I thought I’d share what I got up to.

I went to a new place in Manchester called MilkJam with my friends Ellie, Hannah and Meredith. MilkJam is a place which sells only desserts aka my kind of place. I ordered a cookie with popcorn in it, malted milk ice cream in between, red velvet crumbled cake and salted caramel sauce (they even put a little candle in it!!). I was so excited I got the absolute worst photo of it, I guess you’ll just have to go and visit to see what it’s like.

IMG_2781Our table was covered in Lego and was surrounded by gold streamers and balloons (they hadn’t set it up just for me, I think it’s always like this!) Whilst I was ordering my food my friends Meredith and Ellie built my name out of Lego on the table.


I wore a green sari top that’s my Mum’s and paired it with one of my favourite tartan skirts that I got in a vintage shop in London. I also wore it with my favourite jacket, my Red Riding Hood cape that I bought in a vintage fair in London and my favourite shoes my Kurt Geiger heeled brogues. This outfit basically encompassed a lot of my favourite items of clothing, including my bow choker from Urban Outfitters.


Afterwards, we went back to my house. I had some more friends join Ayesha and Megan and Hannah had to leave. We had a mini dinner party with Prosecco and curry cooked by my mum. Then we watched Burlesque and ate brownies and ice cream. I’d set up a cinema room covered in cushions and blankets with fairy lights and our projector.

It was a great day and night, thank you for all of you that came and made it special and for all my wishes! I actually can’t believe I’m 17 and as I’m currently writing this I’m about to have my first driving lesson eek!

Thanks for reading,

Roma x

Portugal 20/7/16-27/7/16

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected this blog, I apologise (although I’m sure you don’t all really care, I doubt there are many of you actually left). Once again I make the comment I promise I’ll post more often now (however realistically how many times have I said this, I’ll try my best!)

I’m currently on my summer holidays from school (thank god!) and on the first week I went to Portugal with my family, staying with friends in Tavira. I’ve never been to Portugal before so I was really excited!

I broke up from school on the 20th July, went home and got ready to go to the airport to go to Portugal. We arrived very late at night and so we went to sleep as soon as we got there.

On the second day I unfortunately couldn’t go out in the morning due to being ill (typical!)  so my family all went out and enjoyed delicious breakfast in a cafe whilst I lay on the floor under the air conditioning to try and comfort my feverish sweats! Fortunately, after a long sleep I felt okay and manage to make it to the pool. After relaxing and attempting to read my book for my personal statement (but failing in the heat), we went back to the apartment and freshened up for the evening.

We walked to the restaurant and I got to see the centre of Tavira for the first time. I loved the houses, they had all the original tiles on the outside of the houses.


Our meal was average, some people’s food was overcooked and mine was just mediocre, nothing to really rave about.

The next day we walked to the Camera Obscura, which they only have a few of across the world. It’s basically a camera that projects itself in front of everyone and zooms in on certain parts of the town allowing you to see what is happening right at that moment. It was nice to see the whole town (without having to walk around in the heat) and also hear the history to it, we heard stories about abandoned schools that are haunted.

After that we walked to the castle gardens which were covered in the most beautiful coloured flowers. It also had an amazing panoramic view of the town.IMG_3993.jpeg

Afterwards we got changed and drove to a beach, we relaxed there for a few hours (me rather uncomfortably as I HATE sitting on the sand, it makes me feel ill, the feeling just goes through me). Then we went for lunch at an oyster place which had an amazing view of the beautiful blue sea.


The next day, we drove to the ferry to go to Santa Luzia beach. I’m not the biggest fan of boats (the sea in general freaks me out- can you tell I’m not the best person for the beach!) but luckily it was very short.


This time I had a little chair, so I managed to actually relax and read my book this time. We got the ferry back and had a BBQ back at the apartment whilst watching the sunset. We then went into to the town in the night and I had a late night Twix flavoured ice cream, it was amazing and had real chunks of Twix in it. Then we went to a bar where I had a glass of red wine and we sat outside on a cobblestone street in the warm night air, it was my European dream.

On the fourth day we spent the day at the pool and then came back to get dressed up for our evening meal. We went to this amazing tapas restaurant called D’Gusta I thoroughly recommend it, it was my favourite dinner of the whole trip. We ordered a lots of dishes to share but my favourite out or selection was the brie fondue. I adore cheese, especially brie and they’d mixed it with a lot of garlic which made it even better. I put it in my mouth and just died.


The next day we went for a morning walk in the town and found this beautiful church. The colours were outstanding, as well as the detail.


Later we went to the beach again and I actually went in the sea because it was so hot. The waves were so powerful and I ended up actually falling and cutting myself (told you I’m not meant for the beach). In the evening we went for dinner at a restaurant called Bairrada where they served steak on the stone. For any of you that don’t know what that is, it’s basically where they give you a hot granite stone and you cook your own steak as much as you want on it. We even got bibs!


Afterwards we went to an outdoor cinema which was part of the European Film Festival where they were screening Listen To Me, Marlon. I learnt so much about Marlon Brando and his thoughts, it was so interesting. It also made me feel really sympathetic for him, his life was full of tragedy.

On our last and final day before our departing day we spent the whole day at the beach, where I finally got sunburnt all over my chest because I was so relaxed I completely passed out!


If you ever get the chance definitely visit Tavira, it’s such a nice and peaceful town with beautiful architecture.

Thanks for reading,

Roma x